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 Bijuu List/Rules

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PostSubject: Bijuu List/Rules   Bijuu List/Rules EmptyWed May 04, 2011 2:41 pm

If one successfully survives the process of having the Sudo-Bijuu sealed within' them, they gain access to a plethora of different ability that can be unlocked by tapping into the power of the Sudo-Bijuu within' them. Each Bijuu comes with its own chakra supply, dramatically adding to the power of the user and his control over the Bijuu. Each user comes equip with the different 'tail' forms, but also comes with a 'chaos' mode to accessing power not yet mastered. The more tails that are unlocked the more potential of the Host.

Obtaining a Bijuu:
There are many different ways to obtain a Bijuu. The first is via character creation. One must create an entirely new app of a character that holds a Bijuu. The character must start as a Genin and cannot have any sort of Kekkei Genkai ability. In the app must be a 'sealing' and 'Bijuu' arc that holds the details of how the Sudo-Bijuu was found, captured and then sealed into the character. Though this is the easiest of ways to obtain a Bijuu, one must realise that the app will be under heavy scrutiny, and can easily be denied if the history isn't adequate.

The Second way is via contest/announcements. The Staff may release announcements of locations of a found bijuu, in which one will have an opportunity to Roleplay in that area to possible defeat, capture and seal a Bijuu. Anything goes in such topics, thus approach with caution, however let down your guard and show mercy, and a Sudo-Bijuu may escape. Contests may also be held, where the trophy is one of the prized Sudo-Bijuu. Stay active and check the Announcements and Contest areas for opportunities to find a wild Sudo-Bijuu.

The third way, is via RP. Once sealed, it becomes possible that others can steal the sudo-bijuu from the host. The most common way of doing this is to kill the host and re-capture the bijuu as it escapes. Other more specific ways of extracting a Bijuu can be made possible via customizations. Current hosts are always in danger of being attacked.

Rules of Using Bijuu:
Of course the massive power of Bijuu is a great tool in both battle and politics. However, there are both pros and cons to being a host, and if one isn't careful, they will meet some of the severe consequences for abusing the power of a Bijuu. Manifesting the energy of a Bijuu is known as 'Bijuu Mode':
-Chaos Bijuu Mode can only be active for a maximum of ten posts time, until one masters their biju. By the eleventh post, the beast will either break free of the host, killing the host and releasing the beast. Or the host will collapse from exchange, this depends on how much energy and power the host lets out.
-Chaos Bijuu Mode is when the host loses control of their emotions or willingly lets the demon release some of its chakra. It allows the host to go up to 1 level from where their character currently is in biju training.
-One cannot use jutsu of the bijuu if they do not meet the same requirements. Genin will be unable to use the 'B' ranked jutsu of the Bijuu. Shinobi with fire and wind affinity will be unable to use water affinity techniques etc.,
-Being a host of a bijuu, they cannot have any other extras on their character, including kkgs.
-Host are not able to obtain any special jutsu or weapon. *Weapons can be gain if by killing the opponent to gain them*

How to Obtain tailed forms
Each individual form must be mastered before it can be used. However, there are different ways to obtain such mastery over each tailed formed.
Each tail can be trained individually in a post. Each tail is mastered with a different word count. As well as it will cost the character or village double the amount for Ryo.

200 words - 400 ryo 1 tail
500 words - 1000 ryo 2 tail
700 words - 1400 ryo 3 tail
900 words - 1800 ryo 4 tail
1100 words - 2200 ryo 5 tail
1200 words - 2400 ryo 6 tail
1300 words - 2600 ryo 7 tail
1400 words - 2800 ryo 8 tail
1500 words - 3000 ryo 9 tail
2000 words - 4000 ryo Full Biju Control

So say, if you had the nine tailed beast, in order to completely master it, you would have to crush out 9,000 words! Of course this doesn't need to be all in one post as long its in the same thread, however each individual training thread must be separate. While training, one cannot be in any other topic training or mission topic, thus for example, one cannot be in the middle of training and leave for a mission at the same time.

Other rules/scenarios:

- If the Host dies, the Tailed Beast will be released in the wild. In which cause they must be obtained in the ways stated above.
- If the Host is defeated while in Bijuu Mode, they will be knocked unconscious and neutralized.
- Sealing of beasts requires the ability to use Fuuinjutsu as a main or sub, along with an 'S' ranked jutsu used to with specifics to seal weaken bijuu.
-Inactivity, God Modding, Abuse of ability or otherwise lack of RP skill can result in the loss of ones Bijuu. Such violations will lead to a staff vote in which the problem will be judged. Staff vote decisions are final.

Bijuu Guide:
Here are each Bijuu, a description of their summary of the biju's abilities. It is up to the host to put each tail as a jutsu once they have mastered in IC. More information about their personalities, histories, etc., Are to be announced as they become available to the public and the host. These are a collection of nine 'chakra beasts' said to be the reincarnates of the original Bijuu. Known as the Sudo-Bijuu, these nine beasts each have dominion over a certain natural disaster. Like the original Bijuu, these Sudo-Bijuu have a certain number of tails that seem to rank them. The more powerful, the more tails the animal has.


Sasori (1 Tails) - Scorch Release
Bijuu List/Rules 3d-scorpion-wallpaper-800x600

The one tailed Scorpion has the ability to drain entire areas of moisture and leaving whole bodies of water barren and dry. Its scorpion stinger make up it's tail. The stingers release a powerful scorch release blasts, causes liquids it to dry, solidify and evaporate. Originally this was a hunting technique used to dry areas of land to force underground bugs, animals, etc., to surface and then eat them when they were exposed. This bijuu can release the strongest scorch release techniques second to no one or no thing. The host starts with fire and can learn scorch after mastering the first tail. It can learn one other element besides fire and scorch.
Weakness: Water Techniques are able to extinguish the blasts and even blast through them.

Crocodile (2 Tails) - Water and Sensory
Bijuu List/Rules Spawn-33-CrocKing

The two tails gives its host the ability to sense vibrations in water and on the earth to detect surrounding signatures around them up to one 100 metres away. While in full form able to sense up to 1000 meters and even track down enemies by their movement. The biju also has immense water jutsu abilities able to create waves of water just by opening its mouth. The bijuu crocidle does stand up on two feet. It can use its tails as powerful attacks. The Bijuu's touge is able to extend at great speed and length. The touge is actually a head of a snake which can bite the opponent or wrap and crush them to death. Over all the bijuu's strength in water jutsu is second to no one. As well as its ability to feel vibrations through solids and liquids make it a deadly hunter. The biju must must have one water element as its main. The biju's water attacks are increased by on rank in power. The host can only have water as an element and its sensory skill. The host can auto learn any water jutsu it sees (If high enough rank for jutsu) and use, it back at an opponent. These are skills the host has outside of biju form. In tail form the physical power increase and their use of water techniques power increase dramatically in power.
Weakness: Earth Techniques are able to over power this biju's water techniques.

Dog (3 Tails) - Dark Release
Bijuu List/Rules Cerberus_by_Vyrilien

The three tails demon dog appearance is extremely striking. Having three heads and three tails, with massive horns on their heads. This biju hold the amazing power of dark release. If ninjutsu is fired at the great biju it takes into one of its massive mouths. Forming it inside of its body the biju then refires it out another mouth, in a black ray of chakra. In full form the biju can even take in S rank elemental jutsu. But is still not able to take in elemental fusion jutsu such as Wind Rasangen. But this power comes at a cost as this biju will never be able to be tamed. It is said to be even darker than the 9 tails. Attempting to break free if sealed, even if the demon is suppressed and conquered the host will always have an obsession in full form to absorb any jutsu. Meaning even though the host won't be able to take in the Wind Rasangen, they will lust after it. The demon will force them to take it in no matter what level of control they have on it. This is a fearful and powerful biju. The user starts with dark release palms on their hands and basic abilities. No other elements can be learned.
Weakness: Elemental fusion jutsu, that dark release cannot absorb; also taininjutsu or kenjutsu is highly effective.

Phoenix (4 Tails) - Metal Control
Bijuu List/Rules 4%20tailed-1

The four tail phoenix has great power. The biju has the ability to reform control metal. The biju can force his chakra to make magnetic fields around himself to pull and manipulate metal. It is able to bend metal to look almost liquid and morph it as it pleases. The biju strongest attack is able to blast all metal with in a certain range away from him at full amazing force. Making this biju extremely powerful in this modern world. The biju has two styles of using its amazing ability first must focus their chakra around metal items to control them with great detail. The second way is send waves of magnetic fields in areas blasting back all metal with great force. Though this biju is extremely powerful the host is unable to learn any other elements. The host can start with basic metal control jutsu.
Weakness: There is no sure weakness to fight this biju, besides keeping it away from metal.

Snow Leopard (5 Tails) - Ice Release
Bijuu List/Rules Apple-snow-leopard-wallpapers-outed-24

The five tails Snow Leopard has the ability to drop the temperature all around him by 20 degrees simply by his breath. He can form powerful ice jutsu as well as freeze people with his breath. This biju release a freezing breath that can freeze and water it touches, including water found in living things. Any water that comes with in 15 meters automatically freeze except for S rank water jutsu. He must focus he chakra on them to freeze them. The snow leopard is the only known biju that is actually kind to its host. But it still doesn't not want to be sealed and if in the mood will kill or destroy a village for its own fun. The five tails snow leopard is also a master of hiding in snow. If in a snow environment the biju will able to blend its chakra and make it invisible to the human eye. The host is able to use ice element as a genin. This host can only learn water, wind and Ice.
Weakness: Earth Release has the chakra advantage.

Storm Bug (6 Tails) - Storm Release
Bijuu List/Rules Lightningbug1-1024x633

The storm bug is normally nothing but a moving start in the sky. But if it is to land, it will show its victim storm release jutsu like no other. The six tails biju storm release ability is amazing, as it is fired from its rear end. The bulb of its body lights up and is able to fire 100s of laser storm release blasts. Or its able to fire massive rays that it can control with its mind. The biju is also able to shoot constant blast without stop firing blast after blast. It is what makes this biju so powerful, its ability to fire an uncanny amount of controlled storm release blasts. The host of this biju starts with lightning and Storm release jutsu. It can only learn the elements lightning, water and storm release.
Weakness: Wind Release jutsu are able to blast and disperse storm release techniques.

Health Cow (7 Tails) - Healing Powers/Physical Strength
Bijuu List/Rules Moogimi

The seven tailed biju has a gift like no other. It has the ability to heal an army of ninja with a single jutsu. The seven tail cow has the abiliy of amazing healing powers. It gives its host the ability of mass regeneration beyond that of any biju. If the tail beast gets further a long the user is able to send chakra around people from a distance and heal them. At the third tail he is able to flow chakra to allies that are up to 5 meters away. At 5 tails master to increases to healing allies with in 10 meters away. Also able to heal multiple enemies at once. At 7 tails the user can heal multi enemies and attack. When the demon is mastered the user can heal all enemies within 25 meters in full demon form as well as still being able to fight. The biju also increases the hosts strength giving them amazing strength in the tail forms. Their speed is increased only slightly, but the strength is the main attribute given to the user. Together the cow can be a powerful physical force and powerful supplementary aid to an army of ninja. Though against other biju or powerful forces this biju can be overwhelmed by attacks. The host of this biju can only learn one element at most.

Gila Monster Dragon (8 Tails) - Lava Release/Slight healing
Bijuu List/Rules Dragon_by_chevsy

The eight tailed beast holds the ability of lava release. It is considered one of the most powerful, having eight tails. It harbors the element of lave release and build up pressure in the earth itself able to create full scale volcano. This will serve as the Gila Monster's home for up to six months but will only be considered active once. It also harbors a powerful chakra that allows it wield lava to unrealistic levels. It prefers to use this lava than physical fight, it has razor sharp claws, wings and tongue. But to kill its victime with its magma attacks can easily set up a cooked meal. It is immune to the temperatures of lava and can move about freely in them. When it is at 'home' inside of a volcano it is considered impossible to find or capture because its entire home is a fortress in which is can defend itself from. One must wait for it to come out to hunt to ever stand a chance of finding it. The Gila Monster will live in the volcano until it is dormant and then move on to another location. The host gains fire and lava release from start. The host can only learn fire, earth and lava elements. The biju is also able to give them some healing ability to its host. To heal it much faster than normal shinobi besides for the 7 tails host. The 8 tails is also able to create a lake of lava from its mouth. In full biju mode, with full on control the user can summon a full scale volcano to erupt from the earth.

Demon Baboon (9 Tails) - Chakra/Healing
Bijuu List/Rules Demon_Oozaru_Concept_by_LupinGoddess

The nine tails biju is said to have endless chakra. It also gives the host slight healing allow them to heal much faster than the average ninja. The demon baboon is essence of evil and is easily describe as chaotic. Willing to do whatever it take to destroy anything and everything. This biju can not even be fully conquered. But the user can capture and seal it deep down so it can not affect him. Allow him to still tap into the endless biju's power and fire jutsu like they are nothing at all. This is by fair the strongest and most challenging of the biju.

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Bijuu List/Rules
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