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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Character Rules EmptyWed May 04, 2011 2:29 pm

Genin (D Class Missing Nin) - 10 Canon, Clan, Custom Jutsu - 5 C-rank, 1 B-rank

Chuunin (C Missing Nin) - 20 Canon, Clan, Custom Jutsu - 6 B-rank Jutsu, 3 A-rank Jutsu

Sp. Jonin/Jonin (B class Missing Nin) - 30 Canon, Clan, Custom Jutsu - 10 A-rank

Anbu (A class Missing Nin) - 40 Canon, Clan, Custom Jutsu - 3 S-rank

(S class Missing Nin/Sannin) - 60 Canon, Clan, Custom - 6 S-rank

Kage (S-Rank) - 70 Canon, Clan, Custom - 10 S rank

Note: This is what you start off with, more can be earned IC.


Genin start with 1 Element + 1 Clan element if they have one

Chunin start with 2 Elements + 1 Clan Element if they have one

Jonin+ Start with 3 Elements + Clan Element if they have it.

Character get a certain amount of extras and flaws to make your character unique.
Please read this thread for a complete explanation and examples of the flaws/extras.


Each Character app has a specialization section where you put what you specialize in from Ninjutsu to taijutsu to even fuuinjutsu. For the jutsu you specialize in you get 25% off, and you will only be able to have S-Rank jutsu in only the ones you specialized in.

For Specializations Genin get 1, Chunin 2, Jonin - Sannin 3, Kage - 4



Specialization: Taijutsu

For Chunin: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu.

Kage get will be able to purchase a 4th Specialization.


You will be able to have summons of one rank above yours. And your summons' will be able to have 2 elements but one of them is yours. Like I don't want to see someone with Fuuton, Katon and Raiton with summons with Suiton and Doton. Also for summons you can only have 2 S-rank and 4 A-Ranks over 10 maximum summons. And for the pets, 1 S-Rank and 2 A-Rank over 5 maximum pets. Pets won't be able to use elements. If you have an animal summon it can only be one species.


You must have another account for each character you RP. You can have 2 Accounts/Characters that are Jonin+, excluding Kage. You can only have one Kage account. You cannot have more than 3 A+ rank characters, unless you have permission from an admin to make another.

Genin can not be any lower of age than 9.
Konnin/Sannin/Kage/S rank missing ninja must be over 21 years of age.
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Character Rules
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