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 Extra And Flaws Rules

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PostSubject: Extra And Flaws Rules   Extra And Flaws Rules EmptyWed May 04, 2011 2:32 pm

NOTE: You can only have one Advanced extra gift to your character, without taking appropriate flaws.

It’s very important that you take the powers of your character into serious consideration. A character with too many powers can be overwhelming and in some cases, hard to keep track of. Here is a good rule of thumb when it comes to extras: choose two major ones and then one minor ones. After that flaws must be taken to counteract the extras.

For instance, let’s take Tsunade. Her extras are Super Strength, Medical Abilities, Continual Transformation Jutsu and a legendary title/reputation. Her super strength and medical abilities are her two major extras, and her transformation jutsu and title are her minors.

Here are a few examples of Advanced extra gifts: (Your character can have one, any more must be matched with a equal flaw)

Bloodline Ability
Massive Chakra Amount
Super Strength
Super Speed
Exceptional in a Skill (silent homicide to Zabuza's level)
Sensory ability
Any other unique of special ability
Starting off with special jutsu

Minor extras

handed hand seals
Photographic Memory
High Intelligence
Requires Little Sleep or Food
Detect Liars


Ah, the aspects that make us fall in love with your character; the qualities of them that remind us of ourselves. It’s very important that your character has flaws, just as important as how powerful they are. If your character has no weakness, no signs of imperfection, then people will be turned off from your character from the start. This can be seen with the comic book character Superman. Kryptonite was brought first into the radio show to help develop the plot and was later added to the comic book to create a weakness in superman – fearing the invulnerable man would lose fans if he had no flaw for the readers to relate to. And since then, Kryptonite has made its way into American’s language as a term for flaws, hardships, or Achille’s heel.

We’ll steal Tsuande again for this explanation. Her flaws are/were fear of blood; she’s insecure in her appearances because of aging (why else would she use a transformation jutsu to cover it up?); she is filled with regret for the death of her brother and her lover; she has a gambling problem; she likes to drink, but can’t handle it; and she has terrible luck.

So a lot more flaws for the Princess than powers. But we know that Tsunade is a great character as we’ve seen in the manga and anime.

Now that you know what all of the abilities mean, how extras can be balanced and the importance of flaws are.

Advanced Flaws

A server fear of something, blood, Puppies, etc *to the point of immobilization* Note: this will be known by village mates, ex or current.
Can't use genjutsu, at all even release it on your own.
Low Chakra
Slower than the average ninja
Below average strength
Unable to use ninjutsu
Physical disabiliy, Can't see out of one eye or one arm ect.

Minor Flaws -

Rage issues
Can't stay awake during the night
Afraid of the dark.
Can't swim
Easily manipulated

NOTE: These are not all of the extras and flaws. Be creative and we can decide if its an extra or not. But use common sense having a ninja with high chakra, speed, strength and special jutsu who is afraid of a rare gecko isn't going to work.
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Extra And Flaws Rules
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