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 Prison Info

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1st Floor: Your just a small time criminal, a new-comer that could possibly be shanked (stabbed to death or quickly cut by any sharp object) on the prison court-yard. Not a single guard would come to look for you in hours. So you must hold your own until prison-break is over with. Then the cafeteria, you could possibly be poioned by someone here in someone's desperate attempt to cause a distraction. The food is somewhat; something you can call edible. Uniforms are to be worn, long hair mustbe cut, to keep up traditional prison image. The barber doesn't have a steady hand. The bedroom cell is digusting and used. Your tossed into a wall behind iron chakra imbued slide-able bars with locks on them. The room is like a cubic cm wide and has four corners and a bunkbed. At the end of the day you STILL must pay a fine of 1,500 ryo per day. The other thing to do if your poor is work in the village you commited your last crime, until fines are PAID.
*Coordinates to room (number 3)...
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2nd Floor: Your a rich, notorious criminal, jail is like a luxury vacation to you. You have lackeys doing your work. The food is exquisite, all your choice. Uniforms?! eh forgetttt about it BOSS, you wear whatever. You can still call the shots from behind the bars, as even the guards respect you. If your under attack you be rescued before a dropping dime falls. The bed is verrrryyy soft, and still quite smooth. This is only for rich, and supreme bad-a-sses. Your time here often will be cut short and you'll almost either beg to stay in jail (THAT''ll be the first) expenses to be paid while your here...depends on the crime max amount of expenses to be paid to cut the time short and get back to the village underground (10,000 ryo per day) (number 4)
Prison Info Crime_10

3rd Floor: 'The Psyco's Path' is what this blood stained area is called. All of the mentally bent and twisted come onto this floor, they are cannibals, suicidal, unpredictable. They are placed behind fiber glass with several small holes put intoo it. Behind that glass is white well cushioned walls. There's no bed, just a soft floor with a straight-jacket. All of the prisoners here are separated from one another. Your roomate across the hall is nocturnal and doesn't sleep at night. He bite his own hand, until blood spurts out and he bangs his haed against the fiber glass trying to get over into your room. FINE...are you out of your mind, who'd force this person to pay a cent? Time: Oh YOU ARE gonna do SOME time. (Number 6)
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Ground Zero: Death and Torture Chamber- Flashing lights flicker on and off swinging in the darkness of a basement corridor as one bright-light is seen at the end. No your not dead, but you are gonna wish you were. Evil-scientist perform all kinds of sick test on ninja in this area. SOme ninja come back dead, some...ehh they don't come back, others might come back completely normal. It all depends on the one called "Judegment' and the 'Executioner'. Price:(Money or Life) (5)
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Prison Info
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